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The benefits of vacuum bagging

July 9, 2015Vacuum bagging! To the uninitiated it sounds like something to do with spring cleaning and it’s the subject of some of the most common questions we receive at Ironbark Composites. Composites professionals and old hands know all about vacuum bagging and its benefits but to those not in the know, vacuum bagging can be a...
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Working with epoxy resin

June 10, 2015There’s no great secret to working with epoxy resin. It just involves being careful,┬ámeasuring accurately and working smoothly and efficiently. The epoxy resins Ironbark Composites generally works with and supplies are two-part resins – a resin and a catalyst or hardener – and today we’re going to share a little advice on how to get...
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First-time fibreglass cloth user needed our help

May 4, 2015We had an interesting discussion┬áduring the week with a motorcycle enthusiast who’d had his first foray into the world of composites construction. We’re sad to report that his attempts to build a motorcycle fuel tank and seat for a cafe┬áracer out of fibreglass cloth were not the most pleasant experiences of his garage adventures. As...
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