Fibreglass, carbon fibre, Kevlar and epoxy resin supplies

Ironbark Composites is an Australian leader in the supply of composites materials such as fibreglass cloth, carbon fibre cloth, Kevlar fabric, resins and vacuum bagging equipment.

For all fibreglass supplies, carbon fibre and aramid products including stitched and unidirectional fabrics, tapes and braids, contact Ironbark Composites, shipping across Australia and internationally, including New Zealand, India, China and Singapore.

Resins, Fillers & Release Agents

Working with composite materials involves working with various products and blending them to create something new and, like any project, the end result hinges on the quality and quantity of the materials in the recipe. Composites creation is much more than mixing up fibreglass resin, splashing it over a swatch of fibreglass cloth and creating a masterpiece....
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Stitched & Unidirectional Fabrics

Ironbark Composites provides a range of stitched and unidirectional fabrics for a wide range of applications to buyers across Australia and overseas including India, Singapore, China and New Zealand. Our range, knowledge and advice comprise carbon unidirectional fabrics, fibreglass unidirectional fabrics, carbon stitched fabrics, Kevlar stitched fabrics and other aramid fabrics, fibreglass chopped strand mat and...
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Tapes & Braids

Ironbark Composites provides carbon and fibreglass braid and fibreglass, carbon and aramids such as Kevlar tape for a wide variety of applications. The range of uses for firebreglass, carbon and Kevlar and other aramid tapes and braids is vast and the product range is almost of wide. On this page you’ll find the names and...
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Vacuum Bagging

Vacuum bagging is a crucial process to achieving the best and strongest finish in composite projects. Experts and mass-producers know the benefits  and intricacies of vacuum bagging but for the uninitiated, vacuum bagging is the method of using a vacuum to extract air and compress layers of composite materials during the curing process. The process also...
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Woven Fabrics

Ironbark Composites is a leading provider of woven fabrics to the Australian market and overseas. Our guide to woven fabrics encompasses fibreglass cloth, carbon fibre cloth, Kevlar fabric, Innegra cloth and other materials. Carbon woven fabrics: Like their name suggests, carbon woven fabrics comprise carbon fibres woven into a carbon fibre cloth. There are two...
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Ironbark Composites provides a wide range of equipment to make working with composite materials a little easier and to help achieve a perfect finish. Our range includes high-quality electric scissors that can cut fibreglass cloth, carbon fibre cloth and sheet and Kevlar fabric. The electric scissors, which will also cut leather and paper, come with...
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