Ironbark Composites is a leading provider of fibreglass, carbon fibre and aramids such as Kevlar, epoxy resins and associated composite material products across Australia and internationally

Capitalising on decades of manufacturing experience with fibreglass cloth, carbon fibre cloth and aramids such as Kevlar fabric, Ironbark Composites supplies raw materials to surfboard manufacturers, kayak and boat builders, sports and racing car designers, model aircraft makers, hobbyists and professional manufacturers.

Our knowledge of fibreglass supplies, carbon fibre sheet, Kevlar fabric and other aramids, epoxy resin and vacuum bagging is second to none in Australia.

Ironbark Composites is genuine, approachable and has a wide and expansive range of stock suitable for a broad range of applications.

Whether the project requires woven fabrics such as fibreglass cloth, stitched and unidirectional fabrics including carbon fibre cloth, fibreglass tapes, Kevlar cord and braids, Ironbark Composites provides products Australia wide and overseas to countries such as New Zealand, China, Singapore and India.

Ironbark Composites distributes industry-leading Hexion epoxy resin throughout Australasia, Vacmobile vacuum pumps and gauges and Wacker liquid re-usable vacuum bags.

Ironbark Composites proudly stands by its claim to have the most experience and the most knowledge about fibreglass, carbon fibre and aramid products such as Kevlar in Australia, as well as the associated composite supplies. Contact our Australian headquarters if you’d like to know more about Ironbark Composites or our wide range of products.