Composite core materials and structural fillers

At Ironbark Composites, we offer a comprehensive range of composite core materials and structural fillers, designed to provide lightweight, high-strength solutions for a variety of applications. Supplying backbone for projects across Australia and internationally in New Zealand, China, Singapore, and India, we are committed to being the leading composite core materials and structural filler supplier in Australia. Our mission is to ensure our customers have access to the materials that are essential for creating innovative, durable, and efficient composite structures.

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Our selection of composite core materials in Australia are essential for adding structural integrity, reducing weight, and enhancing the performance of composite fabrications. As a leading composite core materials and structural fillers supplier, we are ready to support a wide array of applications.

Aerospace and defence

In these sectors, the margin for error is zero. Our lightweight composite core materials contribute to the manufacture of aircraft and defence equipment, where strength, rigidity, and weight reduction are paramount.


For the marine industry, buoyancy and resistance to water absorption are critical. Our core materials and fillers offer excellent properties for building robust, lightweight boats and underwater vehicles that withstand the challenging marine environment.

Automotive and transport

The automotive sector benefits greatly from our lightweight materials, which help in designing more fuel-efficient vehicles without compromising safety or performance. Our products are integral to the development of parts that reduce overall vehicle weight while maintaining strength and durability.

Wind energy

In the wind energy sector, the size and strength of turbine blades are crucial for efficiency. Our composite core materials provide the necessary stiffness and low weight, enabling the production of larger, more efficient blades.

Sports and leisure

The sports and leisure industry demands materials that can endure extreme stresses while providing performance benefits. Our core materials and fillers are used in everything from high-end bicycles to surfboards, offering enhancements in durability and weight reduction.

We stay at the forefront of material technology, offering the latest in high-strength and lightweight materials in Australia and around the world. At Ironbark Composites, we’re more than just a supplier; we’re a partner in your success. Explore our range of release agents, silicones & chemicals and epoxy resin.

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