Extensive range of carbon fibre products

At Ironbark Composites, we’re at the forefront of providing innovative solutions through our advanced carbon fibre fabric. We proudly offer an extensive range of carbon fibre products, including carbon fibreglass hybrid fabric and carbon Kevlar hybrid fabrics, across Australia and to international markets such as New Zealand, China, Singapore, and India.

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Carbon fibre fabric, renowned for its strength, lightness, and durability, is revolutionising industries by enabling the creation of components that are lighter, stronger, and more durable than ever before. Ironbark Composites provides carbon fibre fabric suitable for a range of applications.

Aerospace and defence

In sectors where performance and precision are non-negotiable, our carbon fibre fabric offers unparalleled strength-to-weight ratios, contributing to the development of advanced aircraft and defence systems.

Automotive and motorsport

Revolutionise automotive design and performance with carbon fibre. Our fabrics contribute to lighter, faster, and more fuel-efficient vehicles, setting new standards in the automotive and motorsport industries.


Harness the power of carbon fibre to create vessels that push the boundaries of speed and efficiency. Our carbon fibreglass hybrid fabric is ideal for crafting hulls and components that withstand the rigours of the marine environment.

Sporting goods

From high-performance bicycles to golf clubs and racing poles, our carbon fibre and carbon Kevlar hybrid fabrics enable the production of lighter, stronger sporting equipment, giving athletes the edge they need to excel.

Industrial and construction

The versatility of carbon fibre fabric extends into industrial applications and construction, providing solutions that enhance the strength and durability of structures while reducing overall weight.

Our expertise in carbon Kevlar hybrid fabric makes us the go-to supplier for industries seeking to leverage the benefits of these advanced composites. With a commitment to supplying carbon fibre fabric Australia wide and internationally, we ensure that cutting-edge materials are accessible to innovators around the world. In addition to supplying carbon fibre fabric, we also supply fibreglass fabric and Aramid Kevlar.

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