Mould release agents, silicone mould materials, and composite chemicals

We offer an expert selection of mould release agents, silicone mould materials, and composite chemicals, designed to ensure the seamless execution of your projects. As a trusted supplier across Australia and to international clients in New Zealand, China, Singapore, and India, we provide solutions that enhance the quality and efficiency of your manufacturing processes.

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Mould release agents

Our mould release agents ensure that your parts are easily demoulded without damage, preserving intricate details and surface finish. Suitable for a wide array of applications, these agents are indispensable for industries requiring precision and reliability.

Silicone mould materials

When it comes to creating flexible, durable moulds, our silicone mould materials in Australia stand out. Offering excellent heat resistance and flexibility, these materials are perfect for complex shapes and designs, making them a favourite in the aerospace, automotive, and artistic sectors.

Composite chemicals

Our comprehensive line of composite chemicals, including cleaners, sealers, and bonding agents, provides everything you need to prepare, maintain, and finish your composite materials. These products ensure the longevity and durability of your projects, whether in the demanding conditions of marine environments or the high-performance world of motorsport.

Choosing Ironbark Composites means more than just accessing the highest quality release agents, silicones and composite chemicals in Australia and globally, but also other high quality products like epoxy resin and polyester & vinylester resins.

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