Polyester & vinylester resin supplies

At Ironbark Composites, our polyester resin products and vinylester resin supplies are tailored to meet and exceed the demands of industries across Australia and beyond, reaching New Zealand, China, Singapore, and India. As your trusted supplier of polyester and vinylester resins in Australia, we’re committed to delivering materials that not only perform exceptionally but also drive innovation and sustainability.

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Our range of polyester and vinylester resins are suitable for a range of applications and are designed for those who refuse to compromise on quality and efficiency. You can be sure that whatever your project, we have the resin solutions that will set you apart.

Marine industry

In the marine sector, we are the polyester and vinylester resin suppliers of choice. We offer superior water resistance and osmosis protection for boats and marine structures, ensuring longevity and durability in the harshest conditions.

Construction and infrastructure

Our resins are engineered to support the construction industry’s need for materials that can withstand the test of time. From bridges to buildings, our polyester and vinylester products provide the structural integrity and corrosion resistance essential for modern construction.

Automotive and transportation

The automotive industry demands materials that are not only strong but also lightweight. Our resin products contribute to the development of components that enhance vehicle efficiency and performance.

Corrosive environments

For industries dealing with chemicals and corrosive substances, our vinylester resins offer unmatched protection. Ideal for tanks, piping, and containment systems, these resins ensure that your operations remain safe and uninterrupted.

Recreational and sporting goods

The sports and recreation sector benefits from our polyester and vinylester resins through the creation of high-performance equipment. Whether it’s for water sports, cycling, or anything in between, our resins help athletes and enthusiasts push the limits of possibility.

Selecting Ironbark Composites as your supplier means choosing a partner who is as invested in your project’s success as you are. Our range of quality products also include carbon fibre fabric and fibreglass fabric.

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