High quality specialised fabric

At Ironbark Composites, we offer specialised composite fabric solutions that meet the unique demands of industries across Australia and the globe. Our expertise and dedication have made us a trusted supplier of specialised composite fabric in Australia, extending our reach to international markets such as New Zealand, China, Singapore, and India.

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Our range of specialised composite fabrics is engineered to support a wide array of applications, offering properties such as enhanced strength, durability, heat resistance, and lightweight. These fabrics are the building blocks of innovations that propel industries forward.

Aerospace and aviation

In the aerospace and aviation sectors, our specialised composite fabrics are instrumental in creating components that withstand extreme conditions while offering significant weight reductions, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and overall performance.


The automotive industry benefits from our specialised composite fabric through the development of components that combine strength and lightness, leading to vehicles with better fuel economy, safety, and durability.


For the marine industry, our fabrics offer solutions that resist harsh marine environments, providing durability and strength for boats and marine structures, thus ensuring safety and longevity.

Sports and recreation

In sports and recreation, our specialised composite fabrics contribute to the creation of high-performance sporting goods that offer athletes a competitive edge, from lightweight bicycle frames to durable water sports equipment.

Industrial applications

Our specialised composite fabrics are also utilised in a variety of industrial applications, providing solutions that require high strength, corrosion resistance, and durability, from industrial machinery to architectural structures.

Selecting Ironbark Composites as your specialised composite fabric supplier means partnering with a team that brings deep expertise, innovative solutions, and a commitment to quality. Our range of products includes consumables & vacuum equipment and core material & fillers.

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