Carbon Fibre Plain Weave

Plain weave carbon fibre fabric is the 2nd most commonly used type of carbon cloth. Instead of having the distinctive diagonal pattern of 2/2 twill, plain weave is woven over-one-under-one leaving it with a simple grid pattern appearance.

Plain weave might be selected over 2/2 twill for cosmetic reasons (matching fabric already used on a vehicle for example) or because its tighter weave makes it easier to handle without distorting it. If you need the fabric to ‘drape’ very easily into and over curved shapes then you might want to consider 2/2 twill instead which is better suited to such shapes.

This plain weave carbon fibre 3k cloth is suitable for use in wet-lay, vacuum bagging and resin infusion manufacture as well as for use as a single surface layer where parts are being made to look like carbon fibre (skinning).

When using only carbon fibre reinforcement in a part you should expect to use several layers of this fabric in each part. None-structural components like body panels and covers will typically require 3-6 layers of a carbon fibre cloth of this weight.