The benefits of vacuum bagging

Vacuum bagging! To the uninitiated it sounds like something to do with spring cleaning and it’s the subject of some of the most common questions we receive at Ironbark Composites.

Composites professionals and old hands know all about vacuum bagging and its benefits but to those not in the know, vacuum bagging can be a mysterious process with an unusual name.

Vacuum bagging is a special process in which air pressure keeps the composite fabric and resin exactly where you want while everything cures and dries. The process is ideal when you need to get your composites to follow patterns or moulds because it ensures even pressure across the fabric and forces it to follow the required shape. As well, the even pressure involved in the process ensures the resin impregnate the cloth fibres evenly and thoroughly, which means greater strength in the end product. Think of it as a resin infusion vacuum pump.

So what is the vacuum bagging process? In its simplest form, it involves placing the material to be treated in an airtight envelope and using a vacuum pump to remove all air so that atmospheric pressure and the envelope apply even force to the composites until the materials cure and dry. It’s not rocket science by any means but it still requires skill and practice – and the right equipment!

Ironbark Composites has a full range of vacuum bagging supplies. Whether you’re after a simple vacuum bagging pump, all the equipment for fibreglass vacuum bagging, or vacuum bagging fittings, we have it all.

So if you’d like to take your composites work to the next level or when next you need vacuum bagging fittings, reusable vacuum bags composites or any vacuum bagging supplies for that matter, make sure you contact Ironbark Composites, delivering across Australia and to China, Singapore, India and New Zealand.

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