About Ironbark Composites, carbon fibre, Kevlar and fibreglass supplies

Ironbark Composites is the business of long-standing composite materials expert Dick Garrard. Dick started a fibreglass factory in North Geelong in 1974 and grew the business into a leading manufacturer before finishing up in 1989 to focus on the importing, exporting and distribution of raw materials.

Whether it’s fibreglass cloth for a home-made surfboard, Kevlar or carbon fibre for a sports car, Dick Garrard has the experience and contacts to provide the best materials available.

While he’s modest about his achievements, Dick Garrard is one of the most experienced and knowledgable figures in the domestic composites field, providing advice and guidance based on his decades of work within the industry.

With an extensive range of stock ranging from fibreglass supplies, carbon fibre and aramid products such as Kevlar, through to epoxy resins and vacuum bagging equipment, Dick Garrard and Ironbark Composites have composites covered.

Supplying Australia and international customers including New Zealand, China, Singapore and India, Ironbark Composites supplies surfboard manufacturers, kayak builders, boat builders, sports car manufacturers and model aircraft creators. Add your industry or projects to the range benefiting from Dick Garrard and Ironbark Composites’ experience. Contact Ironbark Composites today.