BP10 is a solvent-free epoxy-based bonding paste which was especially developed for fast setting bondings in composites applications and for bondings of composites. Performance on metal surfaces should be thoroughly tested in the individual application. BP10 has a good degree of cure even at lower ambient temperatures. To achieve full mechanical properties and thermal resistance, post-curing of at least 3h 60°C is recommended. However, good mechanical properties are already developed after initial curing of 24h RT.

Surface Preparation
No special surface preparation is required, but bonding surfaces should be dry and free from grease. If bonding surfaces shall be primed, a liquid mix of laminating resin should be used. Priming with bonding paste is not recommended and should be avoided.

Applying & Curing
Standard packaging of BP10 is a 470ml cartridge including resin and curing agent, which facilitates easy and accurate application. The cartridges are also an ideal solution for repairs of bondings in the production and especially in operational environment. BP10 is only to be used with the supplied static mixers which provide good mixing and low pressure loss. The tip of the mixing nozzle can be cut for an adaption of the flow rate.