Fibreglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar stitched fabrics

Ironbark Composites provides a range of stitched and unidirectional fabrics for a wide range of applications to buyers across Australia and overseas including India, Singapore, China and New Zealand.

Our range, knowledge and advice comprise carbon unidirectional fabrics, fibreglass unidirectional fabrics, carbon stitched fabrics, Kevlar stitched fabrics and other aramid fabrics, fibreglass chopped strand mat and carbon tissue.

Stitched fabrics feature various layers stitched together across various axes in multiaxial, biaxial, triaxial, quadraxial, double bias and unidirectional styles. Multiaxial fabrics allow manufacturers to create strength focal points and each product has different virtues.

  • Unidirectional: Fibreglass, carbon fibre or Kevlar cloth fabric which adds strength in one direction. Easily laid on curved surfaces.
  • Biaxial: Helps provide added stiffness to laminates, premier shaping product, adds rigidity.
  • Double bias: The twin bias makes this product ideal for complicated curves and bends, such as those often found in boats.
  • Triaxial: This three-layered fabric is popular with boat builders due to its strength-adding abilities blended with its ability to drape across unusual and complicated shapes.
  • Quadraxial: A four-layer product best suited for building depth to add strength and support.

While most multiaxial fabrics are E-glass, layers can be stiched to other fabrics. In its simplest form, imagine fibreglass cloth, stitched to carbon fibre cloth or Kevlar fabric to create a multiaxial fabric.

To provide extra strength, depth or other lamination benefits, it’s also possible to stitch multiaxial fabrics to other products such as fibreglass chopped strand mat or continuous filament fibreglass matting.

No matter whether you want biaxial or quadraxial, stitched chop strand mat or unidirectional carbon fibre, Ironbark Composites can steer you in the right direction, calling on decades of knowledge and experience. Contact us for advice on all composite materials, including woven fabrics, tapes and braids, resins, fillers and release agents, vacuuming bagging and other elements of composite materials and their processes.


Tissue 40gm
Stitched 100 DB 1270
150 DB 1270
200 0/90 1270
300 Quad 1270
400 DB 1270
400 0/90 1270
600 Quad 12170
Unis 80gm 600
IM7 140gm 1295
300gm 500
600gm 1270
1000gm 500


Stitched 165gm DB 1270
295gm DB 1270
400gm DB 1270
400gm 0/90 1270 special
600gm DB 1270
750gm Triax 1270
840gm DB/100CSH 1270
1000gm DB special
1150gm Quad 1270
Unis 440gm 1270
880gm 1270
Chopped strand mat 225gm 1000
450gm 1000


Stitched K/F/G DB 500gm 1270
K/F/G 0/90 500gm 1270