Fibreglass tape, Kevlar cord, carbon fibre braid

Ironbark Composites provides carbon and fibreglass braid and fibreglass, carbon and aramids such as Kevlar tape for a wide variety of applications.

The range of uses for firebreglass, carbon and Kevlar and other aramid tapes and braids is vast and the product range is almost of wide. On this page you’ll find the names and descriptions of various carbon fibre, Kevlar and fibreglass tape and braid materials.

  •  Carbon tow: Carbon fibre tow is untwisted carbon fibre that can be woven to become carbon fabric.
  • Carbon tapes: As the name suggests, carbon fibre tapes are tapes with a variety of uses including repairs, creating and strengthening lap joints, winding around and reinforcing tubes and general reinforcement of targeted areas.
  • Carbon braids: Carbon braided into a tubes or sleeves for application on various shapes and forms for rigidity and strength.
  • Carbon unidirectional tapes: Similar to carbon tapes but their role is to provide strength and firmness in one direction.
  • Kevlar tapes: Kevlar and other aramid tapes come to the fore where small amounts of tape are required. Rather than cutting strips from fabric, tape is a more appropriate. Ideally suited for sports goods and marine products although not the best option for use under the force of a compressing load.
  • Kevlar braid and flat braid: A high-strength material made from woven Kevlar fibre. Suited to the creation of bonds between composite panels where resistance to buckling and cracks is crucial. Ideal for boat seams.
  • Kevlar unidirectional tape: Also known as aramid tape, Kevlar unidirectional tape provides structural stability in the one direction.
  • Kevlar cords: Also known as aramid cords, this product has qualities making it suitable for belt drives, pull-cords, conveyor belts etc. With strength comparable with steel, aramid is 80 percent lighter than its steel counterpart.
  • Fibreglass rovings (rope): Heat-resistance qualities and resistance to chemicals combined with strength make fibreglass rope ideal for use as a seal in high-temperature situations such as ovens, boilers or furnaces.
  • Fibreglass tapes: Fibreglass tape is popular with boat makers because of its resistance to liquids and also has uses in the automotive fields. Made from woven fibreglass, fibreglass tape is ideal as an edge bond and seam cover.
  • Surfboard tapes: The name given to variety of carbon, aramid (Kevlar) and fibreglass tapes that can add stiffness to surfboards or reinforce areas that come under high stress. Talk to Ironbark Composites about the best product for your requirements.

Ironbark Composites’ range –


Tow 50K
Tapes 25mm
Uni tapes 80gm 600
IM7 140gm 1295
300gm 500
600gm 1270
1000gm 500
168 50mm special
178 50mm
178 75mm
C/K 178 745mm
200 100mm
1m 215 100mm M/40J
HM 312 1000mm pitch
Braids 8mm
30mm C/K


Tapes 12mm
Flat braid 25mm
Braid C/K 30mm
Unis 75mm


Tapes Woven
50mm tight weave


Tapes 25mm
50mm tight weave
Coloured tapes
Red  75mm
 Blue  75mm
 Green  75mm
 Grey/Silver  75mm
 Red stripes  75mm
 Blue stripes 75mm
 Carbon Red 75mm
 Carbon Blue 75mm
 Carbon Green 75mm
 Carbon 75mm
 Carbon/Kevlar 75mm
 Kevlar 75mm