Vacuum bagging and vacuum bagging supplies

Vacuum bagging is a crucial process to achieving the best and strongest finish in composite projects. Experts and mass-producers know the benefits  and intricacies of vacuum bagging but for the uninitiated, vacuum bagging is the method of using a vacuum to extract air and compress layers of composite materials during the curing process. The process also cuts down on factors which can affect the cure and finish, such as humidity, and helps create a uniform, strong and even surface finish while minimising the amount of binding resin required.

The vacuum bagging method requires the fabric, epoxy and mold to be contained within a sealed plastic film. A vacuum extracts the air from within that plastic film and the pressure created by the vacuum ensures even and absolute distribution of resin throughout the fabric while also compressing the composite materials to the mould shape.

If, for example, you were making a surfboard you could use a fibreglass vacuum bagging technique to make the board conform to the mold or blank. Vacuum pressure pushes epoxy through the fibreglass fabric and helps create strength without weight. Vacuum bagging is also a way to achieve a tight, even bond when adding design or structural features to a board.

Ironbark Composites has a range of vacuum bagging pumps and vacuum bagging supplies such as the Vacmobile VB series and Infusion 20/2 Mobile vacuum system.

Whether you’re after a resin infusion vacuum pump, reusable vacuum bags composites or vacuum bagging fittings, you’ll find what you require in the Ironbark Composites range.

We are a leading provider of vacuum bagging supplies in Australia, China, Singapore, India and New Zealand. Contact us for advice or more information about our vacuum bagging range.

Vacuum pumps Vacmobiles 20/2
Vacmobiles starter kit
Digital vacuum gauges GMH 3151
GHD 200
Consumables Vac bag 50 microns 1830mm
Perforated Release film 1200mm
Peel Ply 900mm
Peel Ply 1800mm
Peel Ply Polysheen 1220mm
Infusion Mesh 1830mm
Tacky Tape .5″ yellow
Tacky Tape .5″ black
Tacky Tape .25″ round
Tacky Spray
Silicon pucks 1 spiral .5″
2 spiral .5′
1 ancer .5″
Spiral .5″ 15LM
Infusion tube .5″
Plastic connectors Tees .5″
Elbows .5″
Joiners .5″
Ancer channel 100mm
 Reusable vacuum bags Silicon Systems
Static mixers
C reinforcement
Keyhole extrusion
Spray equipment
Silicon adhesive
Flashbreaker tape 1″
Flashbreaker tape 2″
Breather fabric 1500mm

Ironbark Composites also provides the full range of composite materials, including stiched and unidirectional fabrics, woven fabrics, fibreglass and epoxy resins and tapes and braids to Australian and international markets including Singapore, New Zealand, China and India.