Fibreglass cloth, carbon fibre cloth, Kevlar

Ironbark Composites is a leading provider of woven fabrics to the Australian market and overseas. Our guide to woven fabrics encompasses fibreglass cloth, carbon fibre cloth, Kevlar fabric, Innegra cloth and other materials.

Carbon woven fabrics: Like their name suggests, carbon woven fabrics comprise carbon fibres woven into a carbon fibre cloth. There are two predominant types of woven carbon fibre cloth, plain weave and twill weave. A plain weave carbon fabric comprises an under-and-over checkerboard weave, while in a twill weave carbon woven fabric each strand is woven over one strand and then under two strands. There is little between the strengths of plain and twill weaves and the difference is mainly in appearance.

Kevlar woven fabrics: Kevlar is a trademark name for aramid fibre. Their strength-to-weight properties make Kevlar woven fabrics popular in a wide range of products, from bullet-proof vests and other ballistic armour through to top-performance boat sails. Kevlar fabric resists cuts and abrasions and is also flame and heat resistant.

Fibreglass woven fabrics: Fibreglass is one of the most common and well-known products in the composite products range and fibreglass woven fabrics come in three weave styles – plain, twill and satin in various weights. In general, the plain weave fibreglass woven fabric is not as strong or flexible as the twill and satin weaves. Fibreglass has a multitude of uses because it does not expand or shrink as temperatures change, it is not water absorbent or flammable, has a high strength-to-weight ratio, works as an electricity insulator and resists chemicals.

Surfboard woven fabrics: Fibreglass cloth has long been a favourite of surfboard manufacturers. Standard E-glass fibreglass cloth is easy to laminate and sand but lacks the strength of S-glass, which can be up to 30 percent stronger and 15 percent stiffer. A surfboard made from S-glass will be lighter than an E-glass board of the same strength. Both fibreglass cloth types work with all popular resins.

Innegra fabrics: Innegra cloth is a relatively new yarn which has the benefit of being strong, light and affordable and it works with popular composite materials. Innegra works best when combined with other fibres such as carbon fibre, Kevlar and fibreglass and is gaining popularity for its versatility in the automotive, aerospace and luggage industries as well as the protective clothing fields.

Carbon-fibreglass hybrid fabric and carbon-Kevlar hybrid fabrics: Merging different fabrics allows manufacturers to develop products for specific uses and applications. A carbon fibre sheet on its own might not be strong enough for its intended use but combining it with other fibres might make it suitable. There are countless combinations using the variety of fibres available, although some are more popular and versatile than others.

Coloured fabrics: Composite woven fabrics are available in a growing number of colours suitable for a range of applications. The fabrics usually acquire their colours from a tinted resin and allow manufacturers to easily incorporate stunning colours into their products. Most coloured fabrics need only be used as a surface layer.

At Ironbark Composites we have the knowledge and experience to advise you of the most appropriate woven fabric for your application. Whether you want a carbon fibre sheet for a special car project, or surfboard fibreglass and other fibreglass supplies for your latest board, we can help. We also provide stitched and unidirectional fabrics, tapes and braids, resins, fillers and release agents, vacuuming bagging equipment and other composite products. Contact Ironbark Composites for more information.

Our woven fabric products –


Woven 1K 132gm 2×2 1000
3K 160gm 2×2 1000
3K 160gm PW 1000
3K 200gm PW 1000
3K 200gm 2×2 1000/1270
3K 245gm 2×2 1000
3K 370gm 4HS 1000
12K 200gm FT PW 1270
200gm FT 2×2 1270
220gm FT 2×2 1620 WS
285gm 2×2 1270
400gm 2×2 1000 WS
400gm PW 1250
400gm 2×2 1250
48K 1350gm 2×2  1250

Carbon Hybrids

Carbon/Fibreglass 135gm PW 1200
178gm PW 1220
230gm PW 1200
Carbon/Kevlar 178gm PW 1270
178gm 2×2 1000
200 PW 1270


Woven 61gm 1270
115gm PW
115gm 4HS rolls only
178gm PW 1000
178gm PW 1270
178gm 2×2 1000
200gm PW TW
320gm 2×2
476gm 4×4 basket

 Coloured Fabrics

High-tenacity polyester Red 2×2 1200
Red plain 1200
Blue 2×2 1200
Yellow 2×2 1200
Green 2×2 1200
Orange 2×2 1200
Orange plain 1200


Silver 2×2 1000
Silver plain 1000
Gold 2×2 1000
Blue 2×2 1000


Woven 23gm 1020mm
50gm 1270mm
76gm 1270mm
100gm 1270mm TW
107gm 1270mm 4HS
135gm 1500mm 4HS S Glass
162gm 2×2 1270mm
200gm 1270mm TW
285gm 2×2 1270mm
300gm 1270mm 4HS
385gm 2×2 1270
Surfboard fabrics 4oz 27″
6oz Sglass 27″
6oz 27″
6oz 30″
6oz 30″ Volan
6oz 1m
10oz 1m
10oz 1500 Volan


2oz 30″
4oz 1m