EPIKOTE™ MGS Drill Fill 20

MGS DRILLFILL20 is an epoxy-based solvent-free laminating resin system with the constituents EPIKOTE™ Resin MGS DFR20 and EPIKURE™ Curing Agent MGS DFH20. It is a higher viscous liquid resin with adhesion properties and the intended main application is the filling of gaps and cavities. MGS DRILLFILL20 has a good degree of cure even at lower ambient temperatures. Good mechanical properties are already developed after initial curing at room temperature. However, to achieve full mechanical properties and thermal resistance, post curing of at least 3h 60°C is recommended.

Surface Preparation
No special surface preparation is required, but surfaces should be dry, clean and free from grease or oil.

Applying & Curing
Standard packaging of MGS DRILLFILL20 is a 400ml SBS (side by side) cartridge including resin and curing agent which facilitates easy and accurate application. The cartridges are an ideal solution for repairs in the production and especially in operational environment.