EPIKOTE™ MGS Repairset 635 Tube

MGS Repairset 635 is an epoxy-based laminating resin system with the constituents EPIKOTETM Resin MGS LR635 and EPIKURETM Curing Agent MGS LH635. It contains no solvents or fillers and intended main application is hand lamination process in repairs of composite structures. The pot life is approx. 20 min at room temperature. Different temperatures will have an influence on the pot life. As a rule of thumb, the pot life will be doubled / reduced to half by a decrease / increase of 10°C. After initial curing at room temperature, the manufactured components are workable and demoldable. The final properties, however, will only be reached after a postcure at temperatures of more than 40°C. The curing agent is strongly colored in order to make identification of homogenous mixing possible, especially at the very beginning of the application process. The color is only a visual aid and is therefore not exactly specified. Therefore, variations from batch to batch are possible. Furthermore, the color is not stable and can change over time. This can be especially observed for high reactive curing agents like LH635 as used in this repairset and in addition due to UV radiation (like exposure to direct sunlight). Accordingly, the color can generally change during shelf life, but this has no known effect on the overall performance and does not constitute a quality complaint.