Kevlar / Carbon 60/40 2×2 Twill

This carbon Kevlar twill fabric combines the properties of 2 unique reinforcement yarns. Carbon provides high levels of stiffness and strength, whereas aramid provides huge impact/abrasion/fracture resistance. This distinct looking hybrid cloth is used in many high-performance, high-impact applications.

This cloth comes in 2 option a Kevlar Carbon 60/40 split or Carbon Kevlar 60/40 split.

Carbon/Kevlar cloth It is suitable for use in wet-lay, vacuum bagging and resin infusion manufacture as well as for use as a single surface layer.

When using only carbon/Kevlar reinforcement in a part you should expect to use several layers of this fabric in each part. None-structural components like body panels and covers will typically require 3-6 layers of a carbon fibre cloth of this weight.