Fibreglass resin, epoxy resin and much more

Working with composite materials involves working with various products and blending them to create something new and, like any project, the end result hinges on the quality and quantity of the materials in the recipe.

Composites creation is much more than mixing up fibreglass resin, splashing it over a swatch of fibreglass cloth and creating a masterpiece. The process to achieve the best results involves planning, preparation and patience, combined with the best-quality products, particularly the best resins, fillers, catalysts and release agents which help shape your project and bind it together.

Ironbark Composites’ range includes some of the best epoxy resin, polyester resin and fibreglass resin on the market today. Ironbark Composites’ founder Dick Garrard is the Australian agent for the MGS Epoxy Systems range.

Our gel coat and surfboard resin have their own band of loyal followers among the surfing fraternity and we are the chosen epoxy resin suppliers to various manufacturers of composite products.

Examine our lists of resins, epoxy resins, tooling resins and resin catalysts and we’re sure you’ll find precisely what you’re looking for. If you have questions or need guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our epoxy resin experts.

Ironbark Composites’ products include –

Release systems Soft wax
Hard wax
Liquid release systems Syvax System
Release no. 5
Infusion Release
Fillers Aerosil
Cotton Flock
Q Cell
Phenolic Microballoons
Aluminium Trihydrate
Fluoro Powders Yellow
Resins General purpose polyester Drums only
Vinyl ester infusion CDR 585
Epoxy MGS Systems
Rim 235
Rim 935
Epikote 04434
Tooling Systems Tooling gel coat
Optiplus tooling resin
Envirolam tooling resin
Catalysts – MEKP Butanox

Ironbark Composites can provide the full range of materials for composites construction, including woven fabrics, stitched and unidirectional fabrics, tapes and braids and vacuum bagging supplies.